Huckabee Tells Obama to “Duck”

Barr’s Response to Huckabee’s Gaffe

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Bob Barr, former Member of Congress from Georgia and current candidate for President for the Libertarian Party, today issued the following statement in reaction to Gov. Mike Huckabee’s recent remarks at the National Rifle Association’s National Convention:

“Mike Huckabee showed incredibly poor taste when he joked about a gun pointed at Senator Barack Obama. His words were reckless, callous and harmful to the sports men and women of America and to those of us who fully support the Second Amendment.

Murray Sabrin Likes Ron Paul, Supports John McCain?

This story broke in February, but many people missed it. For those of you who don’t know Murray, he is currently campaigning for Senate in New Jersey. A traditional conservative who opposed the war, Murray occasionally rode on the coat tails of the Ron Paul Presidential Grassroots campaign, accepting Ron’s endorsement, even appearing at the April 15th Tax rally. His website talks about the Ron Paul campaign on many levels. In early February, this statement was released:

GOP Stigma Burdens McCain

McCain is admittedly concerned about the rejection of GOP candidates in three recent special elections. Are voters sending a message that will carry over to the presidential election in November? Can McCain overcome the GOP brand? McCain Reacts to GOP Loss in Mississippi

Bob Barr: Media Superstar

The Barr Campaign has managed to achieve an amazing amount of media coverage that really continues to bring our movement to the mainstream media. Please check out his site @ and support his continued efforts.

Barr Makes It Official

Former Georgia Congressman, Bob Barr, announced that he will indeed be seeking the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party.

Watch his video or listen to the audio at

Bob Barr Unfazed: The Washington Times

The Washington times just recently released a great article on Bob Barr. Here it is:

Former Rep. Bob Barr says a number of Republicans have been trying to persuade him not to run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, but none has given him a convincing reason.

…Mr. Barr says even people who have tried to dissuade him understand why he thinks it important to raise issues from what he calls a “genuinely conservative” perspective and to offer alternatives to the positions of the two major-party candidates.

“In the month since we formed our exploratory committee, not a single Republican who has spoken with me to try and convince me not to seek the Libertarian nomination has disagreed with my reasons for considering a run,” Mr. Barr told The Times today in an e-mail exchange before leaving London on a flight to Atlanta.

Most Republicans who asked him not to run “also said they understand why I’d run and why John McCain is not conservative and will not seriously tackle the growth in government power and spending,” he said. “Some said they would vote for me if I ran, but for the sake of the Republican Party, they would prefer I didn’t.”

Mr. Barr will be speaking tomorrow at the National Press Club, I am personally going to be attending - should be very interesting to see his final decision.

Read the full article here

Update on McCain’s FEC woes

Senator McCain’s possible FEC violations were previously blogged about here- McCain snared in his own FEC trap?

The New York Times, reports that it appears President Bush may be attempting to come to McCain’s rescue by announcing three nominees for the FEC agency. If they are confirmed, this would give the commission the quorum they need to vote and decide whether McCain has been released from the matching funds program or not.

A Message from William Lawson

This video perfectly illustrates why he won his election with such a large margin. Looking forward to a hard fought win in November!!

Bob Barr to Hold Major Press Conference

I just spoke with my source from the Bob Barr 08 campaign, and they say it is highly likely Bob will discuss the upcoming Convention and his potential candidacy on Monday. Looks like Mr. Barr will be making his final decision over the weekend while he enjoys his time in Europe after the recent debate. Looking forward to an official campaign here!!

Personally, I don’t think that it hurt him all that much by waiting, he obviously has a high chance of winning the nomination.  That means a serious impact on ones life - especially if you are running to win, which it seems a few of these candidates aren’t taking seriously. Through my work with the Ron Paul campaign, I certainly saw what even a few months of “campaign time” can do to ones ‘regular’ work & family life.

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