William Lawson GOP Nominee for Congress!

Congratulations to Dr. Lawson! Lets all donate $5 dollars to his campaign to jump start them into the General Election. Lets also remember all of the people that have worked so hard and volunteered their time to help Dr. Lawson have such a strong showing in NC. With more money, Dr. Law will be able to hire these dedicated people as full time staff to make our General Election dreams come true.

We must remember that this is not just a fight for North Carolinians! Our country would benefit enormously from having 2 good Doctors on the House Floor - fighting for our rights - fighting for people who do not even realize they are being fought for.

“Ron Paul Jr.” Grasps Early Lead

Our very own William “BJ” Lawson, dubbed “Ron Paul Jr.” by his opponent, appears to have a 2.5 to 1 lead over Augustus Cho in early polling. This might be early, but he has held this lead since the polls have begun reporting. We at United Liberty want to congratulate Dr. Lawson on a well fought Primary and wish him the best as he begins his campaign against the incumbent, David Price. We will keep you posted!

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Housing Bailout Cheats the Smart Poor

My fiance and I save our money diligently, and because we live in California, we have opted to not buy a house until we are very ready. “Ready” meaning we have close to 1/3rd of the cash on hand to help us get a low monthly payment that will last throughout the mortgage.

There are millions of people who make the choice to rent throughout America, a safe choice where they can minimize their financial risk and leverage a certain portion of constant savings to make an eventual investment they can be proud of, and secure in.

These hard working, financially responsible American’s are now being told they went about it the wrong way. The Nanny State is here to bail you out.

McBush is Out of Touch

McCain says “Mission Accomplished”

Conservative Landslide in Great Britain

Waking from sleep, the Conservative Party dominated municipal elections in England and Wales in the elections held Thursday, May 1. Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown is forced to retreat with some British pundits expecting Brown to step down as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party. The Labour Party has held dominance in the United Kingdom since Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997.



Not Your Mama’s Lemonade…

…or is it?

Chris Ratte, of Ann Arbor, Michigan had his 7-year-old son snatched away from him by the state’s Child Protective Services after accidently buying him a Mike’s Hard Lemonade to drink while watching baseball at the Comerica baseball park. Ratte claims that he’d never heard of the alcoholic beverage and believed that he was buying his son, Leo, a regular lemonade to drink during the game.

“I’d never drunk it, never purchased it, never heard of it,” Ratte said sheepishly last week. “And it’s certainly not what I expected when I ordered a lemonade for my 7-year-old.”

League of Democracies

Just when I thought that McCain couldn’t become any scarier, he’s now proposing a League of Democracies to help repair America’s sullied image abroad, promote peace, and to “act where the U.N. fails to act”.


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