The Ron Paul Report: June 7, 2012

It’s been a busy and interesting couple of weeks for the forces of freedom and liberty since my last edition of the Ron Paul Report came out. Sorry about the layoff, but I needed some time to recover from the Georgia GOP convention that occurred a couple of Saturdays ago. As most of you probably already know, things didn’t really work out for us there. But…if you don’t have the numbers—you don’t have the numbers. We were pretty damned close, though. And while it seemed that we definitely had enough to prevent a super-majority, the convention chair, Randy Evans, didn’t see it that way. What they didn’t have to do, though, was rub our noses in it. But that’s cool. Actions have consequences…

With that said, several Ron Paul supporters did make it through as national delegates at the Congressional district conventions back in April. Some have estimated that as many as 10 of the delegates heading to Tampa are Ron Paul supporters, although they will be bound for another candidate for the first two ballots.

There was, however, some very good news from that same weekend. The Paul forces rocked it in Minnesota taking 12 of the 13 available delegate slots and pushed their total number of delegates to 32 out of the allocation of 40 that will be heading to Tampa. Without a doubt, this was the biggest victory for the Paul forces so far in the 2012 delegate process.

Utah also held its state convention a couple of weeks ago. Not surprisingly, the Romney forces swept it. Romney also swept the state of Arkansas.

Over the past week, Dr. Paul has added several more delegates from North Carolina, Missouri, and Louisiana. Missouri, where the Paul forces secured 4 delegate slots, was a bit of a disappointment as it was thought by many that it could be a state on par with the successes that have been seen in Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Iowa. Iowa has not yet held their state convention, but once they do, Paul will undoubtedly add to his already impressive total from the district conventions in April and is assured at least half of the total delegates.

The big newsmaker from this past weekend was Louisiana. Things got a little crazy down in the bayou. A good and accurate write-up of that can be found here as well as the response from the Ron Paul campaign, here. There’s been a lot of misinformation flying around regarding the LA GOP convention, including some on this very webpage; however, no one will really know 100% for sure how many delegates Paul or Romney picked up until those delegates are seated in Tampa. It is my opinion that the legally elected Paul slate will be the one that gets seated. If that is indeed the case, then Louisiana will go down as one of campaign’s best showings.

To switch out of delegate mode and into primary mode, I found something quite interesting in Tuesday night’s results from California. For starters, I thought it was great that Dr. Paul picked up over 10% of the vote. Upwards of 150,000 people cast a principled vote for freedom even though Dr. Paul was no longer actively campaigning. Even more interesting was the fact that Mitt Romney was unable to break 80% of the votes cast. That really speaks volumes in my opinion.

Another state that had its primary that night was Montana. Ron Paul hit just shy of 15%. Romney? 68%. Barely 2/3 of Montana’s GOP primary voters were willing to vote for the presumptive nominee. Mitt hit 74% in New Mexico and 81% in New Jersey. In South Dakota, Romney was only able to achieve 66% with Dr. Paul hitting 13%. Another interesting item is the fact that Santorum is usually coming in a pretty strong 3rd and still flirting with or breaking double-digits in many of these late primaries. It seems that Ron Paul Republicans and libertarians aren’t the only ones balking at the concept of uniting behind an anti-2nd amendment, pro-choice (or is he pro-life?), flip-flopping, bank-owned, absolute sell-out-of-a-shill, Massachusetts liberal who can be best described as the godfather of Obamacare.

Interesting times. We’ll see how things shake out from here. The Iowa GOP state convention is June 16th. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on that one. Until next time…

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