Saxby 2014? Just Say No!

It’s only been a few weeks since Election Day, and already the 2014 election cycle is heating up. It doesn’t take long before the attention turns to the next election, and this year is no different. Here in Georgia, speculations are circling about who will challenge Saxby Chambliss.

My entry into the political world started in 2008 when Chambliss was running for reelection. I was (and still am) shocked and appalled that a professing conservative had the audacity to support the bank bailouts. I launched a web site at and quickly got national attention when the Associated Press interviewed me for an article about Chambliss’ race.

I’m excited about the coming election season. It’s a great opportunity for the conservative base in Georgia to reject liberal tendencies of Senator Chambliss. He really is one of the most despicable men in Washington. The good news is that there are some good possibilities for candidates to run against Saxby.

Herman Cain – I’m not a fan of Herman Cain at all, but he’s already got statewide recognition, which will be necessary to beat Saxby. On top of that, people generally like him. He’s not much of an upgrade over Chambliss though, given his past support of TARP and bailouts, but he’s not Saxby Chambliss, so that works in his favor.

Tom Price – Price seems like an obvious challenger, though I’ve heard that he’s staying put in the House for now. I think he’d have a good shot at dethroning Chambliss, depending on how many people are in that primary election. If it’s just Price vs. Chambliss, I’d say his chances are good; but if there’s somebody else to split the anti-Chambliss vote, it’ll be an uphill fight for sure.

Paul Broun – I’m not sure that Broun has the ability to compete statewide. That’s not to say he’s not a good Congressman or that he wouldn’t make a fine senator. It’s just my hunch without any data to back it up, but I think Broun would struggle outside his district. If he’s the only challenger, he’ll at least bring issues to the forefront. If there are more than 2 people in that race, I think Broun would spoil it for the other non-Saxby candidate.

Tom Graves – Tom is my Congressman, and he’s one of a handful of politicians in Washington I’m willing to support. Whether he’ll make a run for the Senate or not, I don’t know, but if he does, he’ll have my support. Still, a part of me hopes that Tom stays in the House for at least another term. Johnny Isakson, our other worthless senator, will be up for reelection in 2016, and it may make more sense for Graves to run for the Senate then.

No matter who challenges Saxby, he needs to go. Seriously, I have nothing good to say about Saxby Chambliss. Maybe he’s a fine family man, but he’s utterly worthless as a senator. He has betrayed the interests of Georgia and Georgians time after time. It’s time we send Saxby back home and put someone in office who actually represents the people and interests of Georgia.

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