The Koch Brothers are evil liars - just ask Harry Reid

It seems that every day there is a new story about the horrors of Obamacare, whether it’s the desperately ill losing their doctors or coverage for life-saving treatments, or radically increasing costs for insurance. The vast majority of this coverage is being handled by conservative or libertarian media outlets, but occasionally something hits the mainstream.

When Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok.) admitted that he lost his cancer doctor due to his switch to Obamacare, at least a few people probably started thinking that it was finally getting close enough to home for lawmakers to realize that this law is causing real problems for real people every day.

Perhaps Senator Harry Reid missed that story. To be fair, it did appear on Fox News, and it’s possible that Coburn didn’t bother to point out his personal problems to the leader of his chamber on the Hill. Whatever the reasoning or logic, Reid seems to be determined to tow the party line, and insist that all the problems with Obamacare - all the horror stories from people about high costs and limited choices among healthcare providers - are simply lies. It truly is something to behold, that it simply must be shared:

The Weekly Standard took the time to transcribe that gem. If there is any justice in the world, it will end up being an exhibit at Reid’s commitment hearing. Yes, his paranoid streak is showing, along with signs of some kind of delusional disorder. While it is true that Koch brother money has been behind several of these ads, they didn’t pay people to lie. The only thing that is generally unclear about all of this is whether or not Reid also thinks that his colleague across the aisle, Coburn, was also part of the evil Koch conspiracy that is hell bent on smearing the program that is destined to save us all - Obamacare.

The reality is that the people are being forced to purchase insurance, so this could be a boon for the insurance industry. The problem is that not enough healthy people with incomes that are greater than the highest level allowed for Medicaid are signing up.

No matter how much anyone plays with the numbers, the fact is that the only way the insurance companies can stay in business is to radically increase premiums, to offset the increased costs of insuring significantly more sick people than they had before. The government cannot magically make those expenses go down, and can’t prevent increased premiums. It also cannot force doctors and other healthcare providers to participate in this program. Even Justice Roberts would have difficulty twisting the Constitution and the Commerce Clause into a legal pretzel that would allow that.

At least we have a short piece of entertainment to watch, as Reid puts his needs for Obamacare on full display. The law did include sufficient coverage for mental disorders, right?

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