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Is CISPA the new SOPA?

The short answer to that is probably no, especially with recent amendments that have been added to address some of the privacy and civil liberty concerns.

Here is a write-up that details how things were looking at the first of the week.

And here is a more recent article that mentions the amendments and privacy concerns.

A few things from my perspective: Hats off to Obama who had said that he would definitely veto this bill as it stood without the amendments. And kudos to Ron Paul and several Democrats who really started to raise a stink about this, but most of all, this is another example of the People’s power by voicing their concerns and contacting their representation. This thing hasn’t been as big as the SOPA protests in January, but still—it’s nice to see.

Of course, this thing still sucks even with the amendments…we don’t need it, in my opinion. Let’s keep their feet to the fire. Contact your Representative immediately. It is scheduled to hit the House on Friday.

A view of the Ron Paul Revolution, Pt. I

So right off the bat, let me just disclose the following: I am a proud Ron Paul supporter. I’ve been aware of Dr. Paul since the turn of the century. I’ve been reading “Texas Straight Talk,” his weekly correspondence, for going on a decade, and have been known, from time to time, to actually call the number that has his weekly, pre-recorded message in order to actually hear the man, in his own words, speak those wonderful words of truth and freedom.

I was involved with the grassroots effort of his 2008 run and donated to that campaign and his congressional campaign as well. Now, four years later, I am currently serving as my county’s coordinator for the Georgia for Ron Paul grassroots group and have made multiple donations to the RP2012 campaign.

Simply put—I’m a fan.

For many out there, the Ron Paul Revolution is all but dead. A minor historical footnote. How wrong these people are.  For you see, this thing is still growing. It really is. Despite a virtual, media blackout and more dirty tricks by the GOP establishment than you can shake a stick at, this beautiful, organic phenomenon is still growing.

Let’s start with delegates. FOX News and many other outlets are grossly under-reporting Dr. Paul’s delegate count at around 50; however, CNN, as it has been during this entire cycle, has a more accurate count of 71. But they’re all wrong. We won’t know for sure until all of the district and state conventions wrap up, but Dr. Paul could very well be looking at a count in the several hundreds. It is most likely that the Paul campaign will have a strong majority of delegates in the following states: Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and several others. Hell, if it goes to a contested convention with multiple ballots, there will be Ron Paul delegates waiting in the wings in the Georgia Delegation. And there are several contests left where Paul could pick up more delegates.

Follow Up on the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson Write-up

My write-up from Friday concerning Ron Paul and Gary Johnson created quite a stir. I wanted to take an opportunity to write a follow-up to address some of the questions and concerns of several of the readers. For those who haven’t read the original write-up, please do so here.

I thought that I had made it pretty clear that this wasn’t just some guy commenting on a page. This was the actual page owner posting an update that was going out to the page’s readership. There were several pages on Facebook that posted it. Those pages include Ron Paul 2012 (18,500+ fans), Ron Paul Revolution (20,000+), several state pages (with readerships ranging in the hundreds), and at least a couple of others. Once again, these were the actual pages, not just random people commenting. I would bet money there were many other pages on Facebook as well as countless blogs, forums, and other webpages posting this same line. Regarding the ones on Facebook that I saw, there were hundreds of responses and of those, a majority felt like there was a conspiracy or at least an orchestrated effort to get Johnson in the debate as it might hurt Dr. Paul. So we’re definitely not talking one person. We’re talking hundreds with exposure to thousands. In all fairness, there were several responses on these pages discounting that theory.

Ron Paul supporters cry foul at Gary Johnson’s debate inclusion

When I first heard that Gary Johnson was going to be included in last night’s debate, my first thought was, “That’s awesome!” My second thought was how long was it going to take before Ron Paul fanatics started spewing conspiracy stuff about it….well, it took less than a day.

Now, before we get started, let it be known that I am a Ron Paul supporter. I made several donations to the good doctor’s run last time, and as soon as I get some extra cash money, I’ll be doing the same this go-around. However, I am also a Gary Johnson fan. I think he’s a good man and a good candidate.  And I plan to donate to his campaign also. In the spirit of full disclosure, if both make it to the Georgia primary, I’m actually leaning Ron Paul. But I greatly admire and support Johnson. His absence from the previous couple of debates has been unfair and unjust. That’s the biggest thing for me.

So, back to the main point, what do I see on the “Ron Paul 2012″ Facebook page today? A posting that reads as follows:

Word is that Rick Perry put pressure on Fox to break their own rules and include Gary Johnson in the next debate because Perry thinks it will hurt Ron.

Yeah…so we won’t even get into the fact that Johnson was in the first FOX debate and that his participation in this one was based on already existing criteria regarding poll numbers.

Now please let it be known that the aforementioned Facebook page is in no way affiliated with the actual campaign of Ron Paul. This is a grassroots thing, the type of stuff that I usually think is great. It has about 18,000 fans and most of it is pretty good, level-headed stuff. But then they threw this one out…you know, you’ve got to get a kick out of the whole, “Word is” thing, like he’s tied into the heart and soul of the American political scene or something.

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