GOP Leadership Bucks McCain

This week while McCain was out on the campaign trail giving press conferences with green shaded backgrounds promoting his initiatives on global warming, the actual fight over climate change and what to do about it was going on in the Senate (McCain did not care to show up). A bill sponsored by Joe Lieberman - McCain’s Independent friend - that McCain himself adamantly supported was trashed by the GOP Leadership with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calling it “A huge tax increase” and “the largest restructuring of the American economy since the New Deal” .

The Freedom Fighters

A small, but growing group are refusing to accept McCain as the GOP nominee… at least not without a fight.

Republican leaders are having to face a determined group of Ron Paul supporters at their local and state conventions. And they’re learning, sometimes the hard way, that these Ron Paul activists are well-organized and self-educated about the delegate-choosing process.

The LA Times’ Top of the Ticket blog reports:

GOP Stigma Burdens McCain

McCain is admittedly concerned about the rejection of GOP candidates in three recent special elections. Are voters sending a message that will carry over to the presidential election in November? Can McCain overcome the GOP brand? McCain Reacts to GOP Loss in Mississippi

First-Hand Account of NV GOP Convention

Nevada GOP Delegate and Homeschoolers for Ron Paul State Coordinator, Tara Wagner, gives her perspective on the happenings at the Nevada GOP convention-

“However, in the middle of voting and before one district had finished, Beers swung the gavel, ending the convention without discussion or debate (against the rules of the convention) and notifying us that it was our fault because we had changed the previous rules that would have apparently safe-guarded us from running out of time (with no mention to the over 2 hours of wasted time that morning). He stated the party would inform us of when we would reconvene within the week. Senator Beers and other party officials quickly shut off the microphones, turned off most of the lights and left the building.”

Paul Supporters Take Over Nevada GOP Convention

Ron Paul supporters showed up en mass- a very, very organized mass- at the Nevada GOP convention and set themselves up to claim the majority of the Nevada delegates to the National GOP Convention. Of course, McCain supporters and the party establishment became overwhelmed and temporarily shut the convention down, claiming they had run out of time and had to vacate the building.

Nevada Appeal- Ron Paul supporters make mark

Las Vegas Sun-Ron Paul Campaign dominates convention

We Will Not Fall in Line

While it can’t be called a resounding victory, the 128,000 votes captured by Congressman Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania primary does send the GOP establishment a message…

We will not fall in line.

When you add in the addtional 90,000 votes garnered by Governor Mike Huckabee, it’s clear that not every Republican voter is satisfied with the presumptive nominee, Senator John McCain.

Dr. Paul is closing in on nearly 1 million votes in the state primaries and caucuses and yet he is still ignored by the Old Media and seems to be given even less consideration by his own party.

Are they ignoring Dr. Paul, his message of liberty and his supporters at their own risk?

Time will tell.

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