House Election 2010

Sabato: Democrats could lose 30 or 40 seats in 2010

Following Charlie Cook’s predictions for the mid-term elections, Larry Sabato says Democrats in both the House and Senate are very likely to lose seats:

Democrats are likely to lose at least 15 seats in the House of Representatives in 2010 and their losses could go as high as 30-40 seats. The Senate looks more promising for Democrats because there are as many Republican as Democratic seats up for election next year but a loss of 3-4 seats is entirely possible. Given the deep partisan divide in both chambers, diminished majorities will make it much more difficult for Democrats to pass any major legislation in the next Congress. If anything, Republican leaders emboldened by a successful election are likely to be even less interested in compromise with the White House and Democratic leaders than now. If Democrats can’t pass health care, carbon caps, and immigration reform in the current Congress, they probably won’t have another chance until at least 2013.

Sabato lays out the case for this. I don’t see Democrats losing 30 or 40 seats, but like Sabato says in the article…nothing is outside the relm of possibility because we still have more than a year before the mid-terms.

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