No REVOLution for Bob Barr?

While there were a few “Bob Barr REVOLution” T-shirts produced, it seems the move from Paul support to Bob Barr support among libertarians and conservatives hasn’t been a smooth transition.

As reported here, Bob Barr’s absence at a Ron Paul press conference hasn’t been taken to well by Paul supporters. On libertarian talk shows like “Free Talk Live” and “Common Sense with Dan Carlin,” dismissal of the Barr nomination has been strong and passionate.

Barr seems to be a genuine convert to libertarianism, or at least to small government conservatism. The regular YouTube videos that he has released jive fairly well with the message of Ron Paul. However, he has never really addressed his checkered record on civil liberties while he was a Republican congressman. He has not really been able to articulate why he is a better choice for conservatives than John McCain. The latter is not really his fault, since he has not been given the sort of attention and airtime that Barack Obama and McCain have enjoyed.

Early pipe-dreams of Barr’s mainstream appeal resulting in a substantial effect on the election may turn out to be just that. Barr likely won’t break 3%, since he doesn’t seem to have the support required for presence at the presidential debates.

What this means for the future of the Libertarian Party is unclear, but it does appear to back up Ron Paul’s proposal to push forth the message of liberty within the Republican Party.

60% of Voters Say Supreme Court Should Base Rulings “Off of Constitution”

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey on the topic of the United States Supreme Court reveals some interesting statistics. It shows a majority of Americans believe decisions should be aligned with the written document as opposed to the primary other methodology of decisions, i.e. fairness & equality. While I am glad that a majority of Americans do agree in theory with libertarians & conservatives on this issue it is unfortunate that the percentage is not higher. With many polls showing “liberals” making up less than 15% of the electorate, one has to ask the question - where do the remaining 15% of the 30% of voters who think the nation’s top court should make decisions based upon fairness and equity come from?

Lone Star State, Lone Presidential Candidate?

Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats had missed the filing deadline for their candidates, John McCain (presumptive) and Barack Obama (official), in the state of Texas. Late in the afternoon, after many third party watch groups and blogs reported the story and the Bob Barr campaign sent out a press release to all of his supporters, Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram political blog, PoliTex, reported that “[b]oth parties filed before the deadline. We expect their amended filings after both parties finish their nominating process at the conventions,” according to the Texas Secretary of State’s spokesperson, Ashley Burton. The website for the Secretary of State’s General Election candidates also displays a blank where one would anticipate seeing John McCain and Barack Obama, along with their respective running mates.


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